Matthew Kay makes assemblage sculptures, animations, books and collaged diagram poems from an array of found, discarded materials and everyday imagery. His artworks find their meaning in the unfamiliar connections formed between otherwise familiar objects, words and images. Driven by the desire to notice the transcendent in the midst of the everyday, much of Matthew's work is inspired by sacred art and traditional religious objects. He is interested in exploring the territory between faith and superstition and the human narratives that populate it.

Matthew lives and works in London, UK


2008-09: MA Fine Art Sculpture @ University of the Arts London
2001-04: BA Fine Art Sculpture @ Loughborough University

selected exhibitions, publications, performances and presentations

          NUDO festival of visual poetry @ god Art Lab, Barcelona
          Light in the Dark @ 3rd on 3rd Gallery, Jamestown NY
          Artist Wall mural commission @ The Beer Shop, London
          This Wonderful Pile of Dirt [solo] @ Greenbelt Festival’s “Allotment Gallery”, Kettering
          Tastings 3 @ KIKshh, Roskilde
          POSTartists Present - Parables Displaced @ St Alphege Church, Whitstable
          Diagram poems published in The Diagram issue 16:2
          CHROMA: Blue Issue @ Safehouse2, London
          Art and Articulation @ St Hilda's College, Oxford
          Diagram poems published in LUX 2016
          Diagram poems published in PEER paper matters issue 1
          Incunabula @ Norwich Cathedral Library, Norwich
          Degrees of Freedom Collective presents: the Anti Gallery Gallery Show @ Espacio Gallery, London
          Artist's talk On Diagram Poems @ Loughborough Literary Salon, Loughborough University
          Video (with Heather Jones) in The Archive Collective Physical issue (October 2015)
          Diagram poems published in HOAX issue 6
          Diagram poems published in The Archive Collective Texture issue (July 2015)
          Diagram poems published in Little Performance issue 2
          Curiovan: Emporium of Natural Wonderment @ various locations, nationwide
          Questionaires published in Small Ads POST issues 1 and 2 2013
          POSTartists Present - Cascades: Past, Present and Future @ Studio 180, London
          You've Carried Your Ashes, Now Carry Your Fire. Residency & installation @ Construction Gallery, London
          Weekly Makes @ theLost&Found [online]
          Laura and Lauren's Christmas Arty Party @ Dirty Dicks, London
          Sisyphus: the Absurd Hero @ Core Gallery, London
          Performance with Heather Jones for "Touch Village" @ A Foundation, Liverpool
          Interrobang @ the Book Club, London
          Not Holding the String [solo] @ A&E Gallery, Brighton
          Performance with Heather Jones for "ArtEvict" @ ArtEvict, London
          [details on request]: Launch @ Under the Dust, London
          Tra'La presents - Dead Time & Negative Space @ William Goodenough House, London
          Sculpture in the Sanctuary @ Hill Farm, Normanton
          Intersections Part 2 @ the Nunnery, London
          The Language of Faith with Alexander Stevenson @ All Saints Church, Loughborough
          We All Are Domestic Adventurers @ theLost&Found, Loughborough
          Jackinabox @ Exit Here, Nottingham
          Diagram poems published in IRP volume 7
          Beneath the Tarmac; the Grass @ Bromley House Library, Nottingham
          Red Wire Open @ Red Wire Gallery, Liverpool
          Artober @ the Pocklington Gallery, Leicester
          Songs Without Names [solo] @ the Upstairs Gallery, Leicester
          Junior Household Legend @ theLost&Found, Loughborough
          the Postcard Show @ the Surface Gallery, Nottingham
          Open 18 @ the City Gallery, Leicester
          Incubate Arts Group presents: Maroc @ Schofield Centre, Loughborough

Matthew has also provided illustrations for:
          Sisson, M. 2014. The Astronaut, the Cake, and Tomorrow. Milton Keynes; Searching Finance.
          Burrows, M. and Charlton, P. 2008. the Guide to Being in a Band and Making a Living. Loughborough; Fuzzed.TV